Landscape Fleet Management Programs

Landscape Fleet Management Programs

Truck and Vehicle Upfitting

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions’ truck engineers combine a wealth of experience with knowledge of the latest landscape industry trends and innovations. Our quality partnerships nationwide guarantee that we can provide you with the landscape vehicles you want, when you need them.

Whether you need one truck or 400 pickups built to your specifications, we are your single source for:

  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Vehicle Pooling
  • Service Bodies
  • Work Vehicles
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Specialty Equipment

Additionally, we provide an in-depth discovery process to ensure your landscape trucks are best suited for:

  • Average payloads transported by the truck
  • Annual miles driven and geographic particulars of the route
  • Future requirements for the truck
  • Ergonomics and special vehicle loading and upfitting to accommodate heavy cargo
  • Governmental safety requirements compliance
  • Vehicle tracking technology or mobile office solutions to streamline efficiency

Vehicle Acquisition

Choosing the right trucks for your landscape business is crucial for maximized fleet performance.

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions helps you identify the right landscape vehicles to maximize fleet performance for your business with:

  • Personalized consultation and online comparison tools
  • Knowledge of eligible rebates, fleet allowances or other fleet incentive programs
  • A team of experts ready to help you choose the vehicle best suited for your jobs

Then we ensure the acquisition process is smooth and efficient. Our clients enjoy:

  • Personalized consultation to identify the best landscape vehicle cycling and disposal strategy
  • Online ordering capability for fleet administrators, managers and drivers
  • Notifications that detail every step of the ordering process
  • Nationwide delivery through dealerships monitored for quality customer service
  • Access to a pool of landscape vehicles at our corporate headquarters, minimizing out-of-stock purchases and your costs

Finding the right trucks for your landscape company’s needs goes well beyond selecting a make and model. Mike Albert Fleet Solutions also assists with these fleet details:

  • Equipment recommendations
  • Upfitting assistance and strategy
  • Pooling of service vehicle components
  • Cycling strategies for truck fleets

Using the best vehicles for your landscape fleet reduces your total cost of ownership, maximizes productivity and increases revenue.


Whether you are a closed- or open-end lease customer, the vehicle remarketing experts at Mike Albert will handle your landscape fleet disposal needs.

  • Closed-end customers benefit from complete insulation against residual risk. At lease-end, simply return the landscape vehicle and we execute remarketing and disposal
  • For open-end lessees and customers with company-owned landscape vehicles, our remarketing expertise yields maximum returns when it comes time to sell

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions sells thousands of vehicles each year through many channels:

Driver Sales: Landscape vehicles are offered to your employees at near wholesale prices with financing and service contracts available.

Dealer Network: Landscape vehicles are sold to our nationwide network of dealers.

Wholesale Auction: Landscape vehicles are remarketed through a specific network of auctions with our Direct and Managed Disposal programs.

Online Auctions: Landscape vehicles are available for purchase online through cyber auctions or lots.

Mike Albert Direct: Landscape vehicles are sold at our off-lease retail dealership, located at our corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.