Landscape Fleet Support Services

Landscape Fleet Support Services

Maintenance Management

Our simple, efficient program to manage maintenance for your entire landscape fleet includes these features:

  • Nationwide network of repair facilities
  • Optional additional repair facilities
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule to streamline standard upkeep and repairs
  • National Account Card to obtain additional services such as windshield wiper replacement and flat tire repair
  • Support from our team of ASE-certified technicians to monitor and control repair costs
  • Post-Warranty Recovery assistance
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis

With Maintenance Management you save money on repair and administrative costs, increase productivity by minimizing payment and repair time and improve budgeting and planning with cost control and in-depth reporting.

Maintenance Exception Management is offered by Mike Albert as a supplement to Maintenance Management:

  • We assume responsibility for following up with drivers not in compliance with manufacturers’ recommended service guidelines as reported on the Maintenance Exception Report–ensuring your fleet continues to perform well and reducing driver downtime
  • Available for any landscape vehicle enrolled in our Maintenance Management program
  • Allows you to track all your landscape trucks’ maintenance and gives you online access to Maintenance Exception information
  • Keeps you informed of unusual maintenance expenses

AutoTag Registration Renewal

This program is one of Mike Albert’s most popular fleet services—for good reason. With requirements varying by city, county and state, it can be a full-time job ensuring all your landscape vehicles are properly registered. Let our license and title experts worry about keeping your trucks in compliance so you can focus on growing your business’s bottom line.

We provide you with a streamlined license plate and registration renewal program. We also assist you with additional license and title requirements such as state-to-state transfers, registrations updates for address and driver changes and initial registration and licensing for new landscape vehicles.

Our AutoTag program produces tangible benefits:

  • Optimized productivity that keeps your drivers on the road and out of the DMV, along with eliminating administrative time spent tracking expiring registrations
  • Reduced costs from eliminating violations for out-of-compliance vehicles and administrative costs for reimbursing drivers for registration expenses
  • More control from our regulatory reporting to help you quantify renewal expenses and advanced notification of registration requirements and due dates


Mike Albert Fleet Solutions’ Telematics combines advanced GPS location data and remote diagnostic technology to lower costs, increase productivity and improve landscape vehicles’ use.

How Does Telematics Help You Optimize Your Landscape Fleet?

It lowers your cost of doing business:

  • Avoid unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Reduce costly idle time
  • Decrease vehicle downtime and improve maintenance
  • Reduce liability and increase driver safety

It increases your productivity:

  • Improve labor efficiency
  • Optimize routing and increase number of customer visits
  • Reduce unnecessary labor and overtime costs

It improves your landscape vehicles’ use:

  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Wirelessly monitor vehicle emissions

Features include:

  • A comprehensive suite of reports that can be run on demand or daily, weekly or monthly
  • Reports that can be viewed online, exported to your computer or delivered to your in-box. Real-time alerts can also be sent via email or SMS text
  • Reports that pinpoint idle time, stop detail, speed violations, odd hours and fuel usage
  • Easy equipment installation from certified, insured installers

Fuel Programs

Fuel is one of the most critical costs of any landscape fleet. Mike Albert’s Fuel Management program gives you tools to achieve control of your trucks’ gas consumption:

  • A choice of fuel cards to meet your needs
  • A convenient, nationwide network of fuel vendors
  • Fraud protection to reduce costs
  • Customizable purchase restrictions to eliminate unnecessary card use

In addition, you get advanced online reporting to help evaluate your expenses; fuel purchases analyzed by fleet, individual driver or cost center; a convenient method of payment for your drivers; and consolidated billing systems to reduce administrative time.


You’re not in the fleet management business, so why use your time and resources handling this complicated process that isn’t part of your core operation?

Our outsourcing services keep your landscape fleet running optimally so you can spend your time on things that add value to your business.

Use all of our outsourcing services, or choose what’s right for you, including:

  • Direct Driver Assistance – We administer your day-to-day landscape fleet activities and handle all of the order cycle—from order placement to vehicle delivery—saving you time and money. In addition, we provide drivers with our toll-free Direct Driver Assistance number to answer questions about landscape fleet policies and procedures, vehicle order status, title and registration, driver quotes, program materials and vehicle options
  • Personal Use/Taxable Benefit Reporting – With our Personal Use/Taxable Benefit Reporting, your drivers report monthly mileage online and we maintain mileage records for you. This saves time, minimizes tax overpayment and ensures your landscape company’s compliance with IRS regulations
  • 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Program – Our experienced roadside service professionals respond to your drivers’ calls about vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, lockouts, towing services, etc.—minimizing downtime to get your drivers back on the road faster
  • Fleet Administration Services – We provide administrative support to landscape fleet managers for routine work to save you time and paperwork and control expenses

Mileage Tracking

  • Our comprehensive mileage tracking program helps you manage costs over time. Online notifications can be sent to drivers when their mileage is overdue
  • To help reduce costs, mileage data is analyzed by our Business Analyst

Fuel Card Distribution

  • To help decrease your workload, we can handle the fuel card distribution process for your drivers and track lost or damaged cards, replacements and returns when a driver leaves your company
  • You authorize your drivers to use the fuel cards and we take care of the rest
  • Access your Fuel Card Distribution Report online to see which drivers have fuel cards and when they received them

Driver Communication

  • Drivers can login to a secure Driver Access section on our website to view vehicle selectors and order vehicles, enter mileage, access accident report forms, locate suppliers and submit maintenance requests online. They may email us using an interactive online form
  • At your request, Mike Albert Leasing can send online reminders to drivers to schedule preventive maintenance or enter mileage. These notifications appear on the Driver Access home page
  • Drivers can choose how they want to receive correspondence and call the Direct Driver Assistance toll-free number when they have questions